Why I need VIP Status?

Because i love this server and i want the server alive and always smooth. That why I'm donating some money at the same time, I get benefit from the item.

We have 6 variations for Supreme VIP badge start from 3 days to 90 days.

The following is a chart of most of the differences between VIP and NON-VIP Players

Server(s)/VIP StatusSupreme RO Server
EXP Rate Bonus to base & job EXP, including monsters, quests, and bonus EXP events. This bonus stacks additively with battle manual.+0%+50% | Use command @rates for checking the rate.
Drop Rate Bonus
This bonus stacks additively with bubble gum. 
+0%+50% | Use command @rates for checking the rate.
Rebirth Cost 1,285,000 ZenyFree
Warper Cost2000z per location and 1000z for the last warper. Limited access for field and dungeon or quest dungeon. Disable access to MVP spawn map.1000z per location and 500z for the last warper.
Can access to all town, field and dungeon include MVP spawn map.
Kafra Storage CostNormal CostFree Cost
Healer Cost and benefit
Note: rebuff delay 40 sec both for VIP and Non-VIP.
Full buff for HP and SP with +10 agi and bless for 10 minutes. Cost 2000z per use for the player level above 90.Full buff for HP and SP with +10 agi and bless and all food buff +7 for 20 minutes. Cost 1000z per-use for the player level above 90.
Asian Town Access
Ayothaya, Louyang, Gonryun and Amatsu.
Cannot access to Asian town. Need access manual with NPC in Alberta City.Can access to all Asian town with warper NPC. 
Marriage CostMarriage Covenant
Can buy at Supreme Cash Shop.
1.2-1.3M Zeny + Diamond Rings or
Marriage Covenant
Character Slots5 Slot11 Slot
Storage Size300500

Additional advantages for VIP player.

VIP Mercenary

You can hire Free Mercenary with Clearchus in Eden Group HQ. Mercenary Grade depends on your level range with 3 hours cooldown.

Extra command for VIP

We have added a special command for VIP Player.
@whodrops – Shows which monster can drop an item
@whereis – Shows where you can find monster.
@mobinfo / @mi – Shows information about the monster.
@iteminfo / @ii – Shows information about the item.
The new command adds for VIP :
for an auto-loot item for 1 ID only. Example: @alootid +4004 (For an auto-loot specific item like Drops card) use the negative symbol to remove the last item. Example: @alootid -4004

How to get the VIP Badge?







You can get Supreme VIP Badge by buying at Cash Shop using cashpoint (Donation) or you can get from Supreme Gift Box in small chance after you win a Supreme Game.

Tips : You can combine VIP badges even on different days. For example, if you have a VIP badge for Supreme 3 days VIP Crystal badge (from Supreme Box) you can combine VIP badge with another VIP badge example Supreme 7 days VIP Amethyst badge (from cash shop) will make your VIP status for 10 days. This means that the latest VIP badge does not overwrite the old VIP status.

Special  VIP Buff Icon show at the left screen after you click the VIP Badge.

Supreme Gift Box
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