Updates Patch for July
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Updates Patch for July

Updates Patch for August
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Updates Patch for August

Updates Patch for Sept
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Updates Patch for Sept

Updates Patch for Oct
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Updates Patch for Oct

Updates patch
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Updates for 30 July 2020

Limited 8.8 GOLD EVENT for 8 DAYS Only

Event end thank you for participating in this event

Good News Guy
Limited 8.8 Gold Event come at Supreme RO at 8 August for 8 Days. Don’t forget to take the time to collect your GOLD and Money Bag!

Event: 8/8/2020 ~ 15/8/2020
Monster : Grand Peco-Peco
• Kiel Hyre’s Cottage (yuno_fild02)
• El Mes Gorge (Valley of Abyss) (yuno_fild07)
• Kiel Khayr’s Academy (yuno_fild08)
• Schwaltzwald Guards Camp (yuno_fild09)

The extra item for the event (Drop for Grand Peco-Peco):
• Bag of Gold Coins 50k/Each
• Bag of Silver Coins 25k/Each
• Bag of Bronze Coins 500z/Each

Adjustment :
Gold now drop 0.08% x 15 (Default is 0.01%)
Can use with Bubblegum and VIP buff for extra drop rate.

Updates 29 July 2020

Attendance Check Coming to Supreme RO

  • Add Attendance Check at Supreme RO start :
    From 1 August 2020 to 31 August 2020 (Don’t Miss It)
  • To reduce the case of fraud or manipulation by attendance check reward, we have lock items for that account only cannot move to another account.
  • Add details Ragnarok Commands and Trick here
  • Add details Shortcut Keys and Hot Keys here
  • Add details Emoticons Command here

35 Pcs Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation Item ID# 7060 (Warp_Free_Ticket) 

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Token of Siegfried Item ID# 6316 (E_Token_Of_Siegfried) 

2 Pcs [NotForSale] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum Item ID# 22979 (C_Battle_Gum_2)

1 Box Kafra Card Box Item ID# 12909 (Kafra_Card_Box)
Note: 10 Pcs Kafra Card in 1 Box

1 Box [NotForSale] Slim White Potion Box Item ID# 23038 (S_Slim_White_Box)
Note:  200 Pcs Slim White Potion in 1 box.

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Candy 5 Box Item ID# 13857 (Spark_Candy_Box5)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Bubble Gum Item ID# 12264 (Comp_Bubble_Gum)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Small Mana Potion Item ID# 23012 (S_Small_Mana_Potion)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Med Life Potion Item ID# 12515 (E_Med_Life_Potion)

VIP 3 Days Badge for 3 Days by Supreme RO ID 35335

1 Box [NotForSale] Yggdrasil Seed Box Item ID# 23043 (S_Seed_Of_Yggdrasil_Box)
Note: 30 pcs Seed Yggdrasil in this box.

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Shining Defense Scroll Item ID# 23307 (S_Shining_Def_Scroll)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Blessing of Tyr Item ID# 23047 (S_Blessing_Tyr)

1 Pcs Safe to 8 Weapon Certificate ID : 6229

1 Pcs Mysterious Egg Item ID# 12610 (Mysterious_Egg)

5 Pcs Fenrir’s Power Book [0] Item ID# 22511 (Fenrir_Card)

1 Pcs Amethyst Crystal Stone 800 Cash Point by Supreme RO. ID : 35401

3 Pcs +7 Armor Refine Ticket Item ID# 6234 (Guarantee_Armor_7Up)

1 Unit Panda Rabbit [0] [Costume Middle Head] Item ID# 31512 (C_Panda_Rabbit)

1 Unit Asgard Blessing [1] [Upper Head] Item ID# 18550 (Asgard_Blessing)

Updates patch
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Updates for 26 July 2020

Time to hunt Alice Constant Aliza Alicel Aliot KIEL-MVP in Kiel Dungeon 01

  • Add new teleport to Kiel Dungeon 01 at Event Teleport.
  • Add Kiel MVP and extra rate monster.
    Aliza 1737,45 50/5 minute
    Alice 1275,25 30/5 minute
    Alice 1275,25 30/5 minute/2000
    Constant 1738,8 15/5 minute
    Constant 1745,5 10/5 minute
    Alicel 1735,3 10/5 minute
    Aliot 1736,3 10/5 minute
    Kiel D-01 1734,1/120~130 minute
    Rare Item : Dagger of Counter and Survivor’s Rod
    Event start from 26 July 2020 – 16 August 2020

Event End

Updates patch
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Updates for 23 July 2020

Your casting and attack speed Now More Faster

  • Casting time to cast spell
     — 530 reduce to 330 (Renewal formula dex*2+int)
     — But still have minimum cast if you can get 330 dex and int (No Instant Cast in Renewal)
  • Disable Renewal Attack Speed
    — Attack speed more faster without penalty from Shield and weapon, some skills now stack with stat booster potion.
  • Disable Renewal Drop Rate Algorithms.
    — No gap level for items right now
  • Adjustment drop rate for Oridecon and Elunium for balance the Stone Exchanger NPC function. Check here for new rate

    More information for Renewal attack speed click here
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 21 July 2020

Add new NPC Refiner Stone Exchanger

  • Irfan the master of changing stones, can change your refiner stones for next level stones.
    – 5 Rough Oridecons for 1 Oridecon
    – 5 Rough Eluniums for 1 Elunium
    – 25 Oridecons for 1 Enriched Oridecon
    – 25 Eluniums for 1 Enriched Elunium
    – 5 Enriched Oridecons for 1 HD Oridecon
    – 5 Enriched Eluniums for 1 HD Elunium
    – 10 Gold for 1 Blacksmith’s Blessing
    Note: Maximum for one exchanger in one trade is 60 pcs not including Blacksmith’s Blessing.
  • Location :
    paramk 142,104 (Supreme Market)
    prt_in 54 56,4 (Prontera)
    moc_para01 44,185 (Eden Level 2)
    payon 140,146 (Payon)
    morocc_in 74,35 (Morocc)
    From now you can change high-level refining stones without buying at Cash Shop.
  • Repair Assumptio status in healer NPC now has description and time (Update your patch)

Normal Upgrade Success Rate Table By Percentage (%):

Weapon Lv 110010010010010010010060%40%19%
Weapon Lv 210010010010010010060%40%20%19%
Weapon Lv 310010010010010060%50%20%20%19%
Weapon Lv 410010010010060%40%40%20%20%9%
Armor / Shadow10010010010060%40%40%20%20%9%

Usually you will also find a Material Salesman that sells Phracon and Emveretarcon, an Oridecon/Elunium Refiner and an Equipment Repairman alongside the Main Upgrade NPCs.

Refining with Enriched Ores

Increased Success Rates with Enriched Ores : There is a higher chance of success when refining with Enriched Ores (see tables below). Enriched Ores can only be used from +1 to +10 refinement. However, as with refining with normal ores when the result is a failure the item and any slotted cards will be destroyed.

Equipment Required Item How to get? Upgrade Fee
Weapon Enriched Oridecon From Kafra Cash Shop or event rewards. 2000z
Armor Enriched Elunium From Kafra Cash Shop or event rewards. 2000z

Enriched Ores Upgrade Success Rate Table By Percentage (%):

Refining with HD Ores

HD Ores are items used for refining in Renewal servers. They serve the normal refine success rate but instead of breaking the item on a failure, the item is preserved with its refinement reduced by one (-1). Only item that is +7 or higher can be refined with HD Ores.

Refine with Item Protection from +7 to +10:

Equipment +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Weapon Lv 1 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 90% 70% 30%
Weapon Lv 2 100 100 100 100 100 100 90% 70% 40% 30%
Weapon Lv 3 100 100 100 100 100 90% 80% 40% 40% 30%
Weapon Lv 4 100 100 100 100 90% 70% 70% 40% 40% 20%
Armor / Shadow 100 100 100 100 90% 70% 70% 40% 40% 20%
EquipmentRequired ItemHow to get?Upgrade Fee
WeaponHD OrideconFrom Kafra Cash Shop or event rewards.20,000z
ArmorHD EluniumFrom Kafra Cash Shop or event rewards.20,000z

To refine with HD Ores, your item must be at least +7 or higher. You can find NPC  near the normal refine NPCs at various locations or on the second floor of the Eden Group building.

Refiner NPC


You can find Refiner NPC  with iron refiner logo at the refiner’s head. You can refiner your weapon and armour with new GUI and very easy to use and understand.
Explanation :
A – Refiner logo in refiner’s head
B – Success show in the top bar
C – You can select the stone refiner to use.
Tips: For save the stone, you can use elunium/oridecon in the save level (100% success) then you can use HD or Enriched for the rest. We recommended you use Blacksmith’s Blessing to save your armour/weapon if refining is failer.
D – You can add/use Blacksmith’s Blessing with HD or Enriched, if refiner fails the weapon or armour did not reduce the refining level.
E – Drop your weapon or armour from your inventory at this slot.
F – If you’re ready to refine your armour or weapon, press Refine button and look the result. Some money will be charged at your pocket for a refined process.

Blacksmith Blessing

Not reduce the refining level when broken

ID : 6635 The hope from blacksmith around the world is mounted in this bottle. Used to refine an equipment without reducing the refining level or breaking if fail.

This item will consume regardless fail or success, the amount needed is increased corresponding to refine level.

Required number of bottles:
+7 refine -> +8 refine: 1 ea
+8 refine -> +9 refine: 2 ea
+9 refine -> +10 refine: 4 ea
+10 refine -> +11 refine: 7 ea
+11 refine -> +12 refine: 11 ea
Only applies to a maximum of +10 refine.

  • Add Eden Teleport Officer in Prontera 124,76
  • Add Eden Teleport Officer in Payon 177,112
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 20 July 2020

New items added Infinite Fly Wing Box Costume Eleanor Wig Costume Brilliant Golden Wings in Cash Shop

Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 19 July 2020

Where is the Fountain in Prontera?

Patch Icon in Supreme RO Folder

  1. Updates the new PatchSupreme.exe
  2. Right-click at PatchSupreme.exe > Properties > Compatibility
  3. Wait until patch downloads complete and start the game.
  4. And see the magic at the fountain place. Tq for support Supreme Ragnarok Online hope you like this one.

Platinum Skills NOW at Prontera?

  • Add Platinum Skills NPC at Prontera City 129, 192
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 17 July 2020

New items add Strawberry in Whiteberry NPC (Supreme Market)

  • Add new item in NPC Whiteberry for alternatives SP Recovery in this server.
  • Add new fruit Strawberry for 200z can recover sp better than Grape.
  • Grape recovers 10 ~15 SP and Strawberry recover 16 ~ 28 SP almost 2 times.
  • Reduce price for Grape from 200z to 100z, good for a new player for recover sp with cheap price.

Updates 16 July 2020

  • Updates the latest client Version 1.2 Updates 16 July 2020 File Size 2.7 GB
  • Have 2 type of client :
    – Supreme Reborn.exe
    – Supreme Reborn.rar

  • Some browsers or antivirus detects .exe files as viruses. Please keep the file (in browsers) or off the antivirus to continue downloading, use the download services in .winrar if still have a problem.
  • You can download the latest client here. DOWNLOAD LATEST CLIENT HERE
  • This client updates all patch, Lua files, signboard files, items files from beta to the latest one end on 16 July 2020.
  • Change login song to trademark Ragnarok opening song (New version) because of streaming policy in Facebook sensitive with registered songs.
  • Only provide the full client to reduce the error from kRO and iRO (No light client for now).
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 13 July 2020

Enable Crusader NPC Change Job start from Senior Crusader at Prontera Central Palace
Location started at Prontera Central Palace prt_cas 251 75

Now you can summon M V P M O N S T E R M I N I B O S S play with your friends

• You and your party or guild can rent the room for 100,000z/hour but for promotion it FREE.
• Room Manager also provide full heal, agi and bless for FREE.
If you want surrender just click Give up this room from  room manager.
You can rent this room for 1 hour or 60 minutes every single rent.

We also sell this tem from room manager :
Dead branch for 100,000z/each
Bloody branch for 1,000,000z/each
Note : Dead branch can summon normal monster and bloody branch can summon MVP.

New items add Fish in Mouth Drooping Wild Rose Golden Fish in Mouth in Cash Shop

Fish In Mouth [0]   [Lower Head]   Item ID# 5403 (Fish_In_Mouth)
Description : A fish that can bite in mouth. It smells bad, but it won’t be rot by special process.
Add a 5% chance of getting Fresh Fish when a monster gets killed. Fresh Fish recovery rate + 25%.

Accurate Wild Rose [1] Fish In Accurate Wild Rose [1]   [Upper & Middle Head]   Item ID# 18529 (Drooping_Wild_Rose)
Description : A hat that designed after Wild Rose who was famous for it’s quick speed.
MaxHP -10% ASPD +3% When equipped with [Fish In Mouth], has a chance to auto-cast [Greed] when dealing physical attack.

Golden Fish In Mouth [0]   [Lower Head]   Item ID# 18936 (Golden_Fish)
Description : Energy from the sea spreads throughout your body. The tremendous energy makes me feel much better.
During the event. All Stat +2, ATK +10, MATK +10. Increase experience obtained by 2%. Reduces damage received from [Fish] race by 2%.

• Because of Fish In Mouth drop the Fresh Fish, for prevent inflation we reduce the sale price to NPC just 50z/each.

Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 12 July 2020

Bubble Gum & Battle Manual Exchanger can be found at Eden level 2 (moc_para01 47 184)

How to Exchange HE Bubble Gum HE Battle Manual Battle Manual X3

  • Note : Clicks the items for more details.
  • HE Battle Manual
  • HE Bubble Gum
  • Battle Manual X3
    – item can’t be dropped
    – item can’t be traded
    – wedded partner can override restriction 2
    – item can’t be sold to npcs
    – item can’t be placed in the cart
    – item can’t be placed in the guild storage
    – item can’t be attached to mail
    – item can’t be auctioned
    + But can be placed in the storage
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 11 July 2020

Some of mission from Eden board doesn’t have the monster because of the monster on the new maps, we add the monster at specific maps. Please check here.

  • Adjustment price for various items are decreased for economic purposes to prevent inflation :
    Green Salad  Item ID# 12065 – 2,000z
    Mastela Fruit Item ID# 522 – 2,000z
    Crystal Mirror  Item ID# 747 – 4,000z
    Frozen Rose  Item ID# 749 – 10,000z
    Witherless Rose Item ID# 748 – 10,000z
    –   Khukri[0] Item ID# 13006 – 30,000z
    White Potion Item ID# 504 – 250z
    Blue Potion  Item ID# 505 – 500z
  • Add effect ASSUMPTIO and FOOD effect at Healer NPC (For VIP Member Only)
  • Duplicate Eden Mission NPC (Mission Level 80~89) location Dispatched Instructor from ein_fild08,172,359 to moc_para01,44,14
  • Duplicate Eden Mission NPC (Mission Level 90~99) location Dispatched Instructor from ein_fild08,172,359 to moc_para01,42,14
    Tips : The NPC inside Eden level 1, place beside Event Teleport.
  • Adjust remove card success for card removal NPC from 70% to 85%.
  • Reduce cost to remove card from 300,000z to 150,000z + 30,000 (per/card)
  • Reduce fail broken card or item from 10% to 5%.
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 10 July 2020

  • Add Assumptio skill at healer NPC for VIP Only. Assumptio (Skill ID# 361) Effect : The blessing of Virgin Mary. The persons who receive this will benefit from damage reduction for a limited amount of time.The reduction is 1/2 on normal PvM maps and 1/3 on PvP maps.
    Note : This skill will be remove from NPC warper after we apply transcendence class in this server.
  • Add new hat at Cash Shop :
    Anubis Helm 
    [1]   [Upper & Middle Head]   Item ID# 19180 for 2,500 CP
    A headdress that resemble the god of darkness, Anubis. MDEF +5. Reduces damage taken from Boss monster by 10%. Increases restoration gained from Healing skills and restorative items by 10%.
    Snake Head Hat [1]   [Upper Head]   Item ID# 5388 for 3000 CP Promo 2,500 CP
    • A hat looks like snake on it. You probably fall in love with beautiful young women when you wear it.
    Enables use of Level 5 Double Attack.
  •  Add Holy Arrow Quiver at Manager Parayo NPC in Supreme Market for 20,000z/each
  • Replace Greed Box 100 pcs with Greed Box 500 pcs in Cash Shop just 500 CP
  • Remove Neuralizer but add Neuralize Upgraded with 50% discount only 3000CP 1,500 CP.
    New function upgrade : This item can reset skill tree and stat in same time, the old one can be reset the skill tree only.
  • Rental items now can be moved to storage but the price now increases a little. 
  • Marriage Covenant   Item ID# 6294 (F_Marriage_Covenant) reduce to 1,000 CP from 1,500 CP, now all can be married with happiness.  
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