Updates Patch for July
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Updates Patch for July

Updates Patch for August
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Updates Patch for August

Updates Patch for Sept
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Updates Patch for Sept

Updates Patch for Oct
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Updates Patch for Oct

Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 30 August 2020

  • Updates new patch for Geffenia Episode.
  • Prepare Event Teleporter (Darkness Date NPC in Eden) to teleport to Gefenia map (Single map) at 1 August 2020.
  • After Kiel event end,  Kiel dungeon level 1 will be add at Warper NPC just for VIP and monster will be default reset like RMS database. Kiel MVP will be remove from this map.
  • If still have problem with this update, please download the full client below for avoid damage.
Full Client Supreme RO .WinRAR [ Updates 30 August 2020 ]

Mega Upload .WinRar Format

Download from

Mega Upload
Download Here

Google Drive .WinRAR Format

Download from

Google Drive
Download Here

Media Fire .WinRAR Format

Download from

Media Fire
Download Here

One Drive .WinRAR Format

Download from

One Drive
Download Here
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 29 August 2020

Play this video how to Update Supreme Patch.

  • Add new 700 premium palettes colour by Kamishi.
  • Please update the latest patch for :
    700 Premium KamiShi’s Palletes.
    • You can find our Stylist at :
    – Alberta /navi alberta 47/145
    – Supreme Market /navi paramk 73/85
    – Yuno /navi yuno_in04 185/21
    Have 700 Premium Palletes colour you can choose.
    – You can check the palletes number at the image bottom (Hold your cursor at image for magnifier the image)
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 25-27 August 2020

  • Repair bug/error from Gefenia01 map  ( Please update your SRO Patch or your stuck in this map!)
  • Set default drop rate for Gefenia map monster to balance  the economy in server.
  • Add new NPC call Event Consolation NPC  for cover automatic gift during the event in Prontera City.
  • Add Merdeka Event for Malaysia start 31 August 2020  and All Souls Day (Halloween) start 1 September. You can claim the event prize with Event Consolation NPC.
  • New fixed price for Dead Branch 135000z and Bloody Branch 1350000z sell with Room Manager in  Private Branch Room.
  • Remove Assumptio Skill for VIP Player from Healer NPC (For support High Priest job function in this server) 

    Please check updates 10 July 2020.   Add Assumptio skill at healer NPC for VIP Only. Assumptio (Skill ID# 361) Effect : The blessing of Virgin Mary. The persons who receive this will benefit from damage reduction for a limited amount of time.The reduction is 1/2 on normal PvM maps and 1/3 on PvP maps.
    Note : This skill will be remove from NPC warper after we apply transcendence class in this server.

  • Add new NPC call Black Market in Supreme Market to help make EDP bottle, Fire bottle and Acid bottle more easier.
    NPC Name : Black Market
    List items price with discount 24%
    NPC Location : Supreme Market
    Navigation : /navi paramk 118/102
  • Add new NPC call Costume Fitting Room to Preview  your Costume before you buy it in Prontera City, to avoid the mistake you buy accidentally I add stuff magnifier to double confirm before you buy it.
  • Add new loading screen can check above.
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 18 August 2020

  • Fix Plan Cultivation skill from Biochemist now can use.
  • Plan Cultivation now can use in town (Please don’t manipulate this advantage, i will remove back this, if you do that)
  • Add double time from official for Plan Cultivation Stay Duration for Black Mushroom and Red Mushroom.
  • Double drop rate for Alcohol, Karvodailnirol and Detrimindexta in Black Mushroom and Red Mushroom.
    – This idea for teamwork to be mushroom farmer and do Glistening CoatBottle Grenade and Poison Bottle for WOE or PVP.
  • Some item for support that will be sold in Supreme Market later (Please check updates 27-28 August for Black Market NPC)
  • Up drop rate to 10.5% for Alcohol in field monster Horong ID#1129 , Kaho ID#1072 , Plankton ID#1161.
  • Up drop rate to 10.5% for Karvodailnirol in field monster Poison Spore ID#1077.
  • Add new command for VIP @alootid – Add auto loot item for 1 id. Example : @alootid +4004 (For auto-loot specific to Drops Card) use -ve to remove the last item.

 Plant Cultivation (Skill ID# 491, iRO Name: Cultivate Plant)
TypeActiveMax Lv2 
SP Cost10TargetGroundRange1 cells
Stay Duration300 sec 600 sec (New times)
Item Required1 Mushroom Spore1 Stem
EffectSummon a mushroom or plant at random with a 50% success chance. Can not be used in WoE.
Other Notes
  • Cannot be used in GvG maps
  • Cannot be used in Battleground maps
  • Cannot be used in WoE:TE castles
  • Cannot be used in Towns
1Summon Black or Red Mushroom | Uses 1 Mushroom Spore
2Summon Yellow, Red, White, Green, Blue, or Shining Plant | Uses 1 Stem

Event End :

Kiel map 01 add in Warper NPC for VIP only

Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 17 August 2020

Open Nifheim City of the Dead Gateway

  • Add Niflheim City secret NPC
  • You can go to Niflheim City with this NPC call Niflheim Crack.
  • Go to Umbala Town and use this navigation in to chat box /navi umbala 138/198
  • After arrive at that point do bungee jumping.
  • When you drop at bottom, don’t move check the NPC call Niflheim Crack inside the water. (umbala 139 195)
  • Click the Niflheim Crack to go to Niflheim Inn. You need pay 666z to go there.
  • Please enjoy the ghost city in Ragnarok Online.
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 15 August 2020

  • Disable Capricorn Crown Hunt Event and Gold Event.
  • Enable transcendence job change NPC at Yuno.
  • Remove restriction Greed Scroll now can put in storage.
  • Enable Double Card Event start from 15 August – 4 September for 21 Days (Card drop from 0.05% up to 0.10%) can use VIP and Bubble Gum for add extra drop rate.
  • Add Bandit Beard Quest ID:2237
  • Add Event 6 New Hats
    Bongun  Hat ID:5046
    Cresent Hairpin ID:5048
    Kafra Band ID:5020
    Panda Hat ID:5030
    Poring Hat ID:5035
    Sphinx Hat ID:5053
  • Add May Hats Quest
    Bird Nest
    Lion Mask
    Skeleton Manteau
    Fashion Hip Sack
    Sales Banner
  • Clucker Game upgrade to 5 Supreme Gift Box from 3 Supreme Gift Box.
  • Add new Consolation NPC in Prontera City 173 183
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 14 August 2020

  • Change teleport location to Yuno from Izlude International Airport direct to Yuno town for Transcendent Event.
  • Double drop for Normal CARD in 21 Days start from 15 August 2020 (From 0.05% to 0.10%)
  • Prepare for Transcendent event bug coding in offline server. (Hope all  good when go to Online server)
  • Add Flash Sale for Greed Clip and Greed Scroll for 30% off (Limited for 15 Pcs only) start 15 August 2020 at 8AM
  • Add time zone in a front website (Server time SG, PH/MY, USA and NZ)
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 12 August 2020

  • Adjustment final coding for Rebirth and Transcendent classes at 15 August 2020 (Tester Offline Server)
  • Add details page for rebirth and transcendent in Supreme RO here
  • Fix MVP Items drop-rate random drop from 3 items from MVP list.
  • Fix Devil Square time can check here
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 08 August 2020

  • Replace Bubble Gum Box with 2 pcs Battle Manual & Bubble Gum in Supreme 10th Anniversary Gift Box.
  • Repair bug for Attendance Check.
  • Add new full client for WinRAR updates for 08 August 2020 here.
  • Bag of Gold Coins, Bag of Silver Coins and Bag of Bronze Coins drop rate change every days from 0.05% to 15% for base drop rate for Gold Event (remove this items after event end). But for Gold permanent 0.08% until the end of the event.
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 06 August 2020

  • Adjustment healer rebuff time from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.
NO autoloot NO Problem
  • New size for Greed from 2 cells to 3 cells.
  • Reduce SP consumption for Greed skill from 10 SP to 5SP.
  • Included Greed Skill from Blacksmith.
  • Greed Skill from Greed Scroll.
  • Greed Skill from Greed Clip.
  • This skill cannot be used in Towns.
  • This skill can be used while riding a Warg.
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 05 August 2020

New items added Helm of Abyss Odin's Mask Satanic Chain Dress Hat in Cash Shop

Helm Of Abyss [1] [Upper Head]   Item ID# 5363 (Helm_Of_Abyss) Abysmal Knight Helm
Description : A helm worn by the Abysmal Knight. Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 10%. Increases damage taken from Normal monsters by 5%. Price : 2000 CP

 Odin’s Mask [1] [Middle & Lower Head]   Item ID# 19133 (Odin_Mask_)
Description : A mask worn once worn by Odin during a fierce battle between the gods and humans. Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 2%. Price : 3000 CP

Flying Evil Wing [1]   [Upper Head]   Item ID# 5376 (Satanic_Chain_P) Flying Evil Wings
Description : Satanic Wings forged with an unholy incantation. MaxSP +120 Adds a chance of casting Curse on the user while receiving Physical Damage. Price : 2500 CP

 Dress Hat [1]   [Upper Head]   Item ID# 5211 (Dress_Hat)
Description : An adorable hat which is always worn on the side of head. If the wearer carries an umbrella with this hat on, the wearer will look as if one is going for a picnic. STR +1, INT +1 MDEF +7 ATK +2%, MATK +2% Healing skills effectiveness +5%. [If refined to +7 or higher] Additional ATK +1%, MATK +1% and healing skills effectiveness +1%. Price : 3000 CP

 Angel Spirit [0]   [Middle Head]   Item ID# 5389 (Angel_Spirit)
Description : A golden mask rumored to be worn by some ancient Goddess. HIT + 15, STR + 2. Price : 2000 CP

Snake Head Replacement Program
  • Replacement hat program Snake Head upgrade to Baby Dragon Hat.
  • We will remove the Snake Head in Cash Shop.
  • Replace with Baby Dragon Hat add DEX +2 and Enable level 5 double attack.
  • If you want change the Snake Head  to Baby Dragon Hat please contact Game Master in game.

     Baby Dragon Hat [1]   [Upper Head]   Item ID# 5531 (B_Dragon_Hat)
    Description : A baby dragon who has been trained to help its master. DEX +2 Enables Level 5 Double Attack (When you learn a higher level, activate the corresponding level). Price : 2500 CP
    Note : You can get same refiner level and same card in this program.

From Pharmacy to 7-Eleven
  • Add new items for NPC Johanna  Pharmacy now knows as Johanna Convenient Shop.
  • Add New Items : arrow, iron arrow, fire arrow, silver arrow, green potion, magnifier, fly wing, butterfly wing and trap in one place.
  • Location : Para Market (106,32) knows as Supreme Market.
  • Update Cash Shop Items in NPC Eden level 2.
  • Add new Cash Shop NPC call Supreme Cash Shop in Supreme Market just Show VIP badge, costume and permanents equipment only.
  • Updates description file for new donation items and signboard for NPC.
Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 03 August 2020

  • Reduce cost for healer from 2000z to 1000z for VIP.
    – Charged for player level 90 and above only.
  • Add page VIP vs NON-VIP Click here for details

The following is a chart of most of the differences between VIP and NON-VIP Players

Server(s)/VIP StatusSupreme RO Server
EXP Rate Bonus to base & job EXP, including monsters, quests, and bonus EXP events. This bonus stacks additively with battle manual.+0%+50% | Use command @rates for checking the rate.
Drop Rate Bonus
This bonus stacks additively with bubble gum. 
+0%+50% | Use command @rates for checking the rate.
Rebirth Cost 1,285,000 ZenyFree
Warper Cost2000z per location and 1000z for the last warper. Limited access for field and dungeon or quest dungeon. Disable access to MVP spawn map.1000z per location and 500z for the last warper.
Can access to all town, field and dungeon include MVP spawn map.
Kafra Storage CostNormal CostFree Cost
Healer Cost and benefit
Note: rebuff delay 40 sec both for VIP and Non-VIP.
Full buff for HP and SP with +10 agi and bless for 10 minutes. Cost 2000z per use for the player level above 90.Full buff for HP and SP with +10 agi and bless and all food buff +7 for 20 minutes. Cost 1000z per-use for the player level above 90.
Asian Town Access
Ayothaya, Louyang, Gonryun and Amatsu.
Cannot access to Asian town. Need access manual with NPC in Alberta City.Can access to all Asian town with warper NPC. 
Marriage CostMarriage Covenant
Can buy at Supreme Cash Shop.
1.2-1.3M Zeny + Diamond Rings or
Marriage Covenant
Character Slots5 Slot11 Slot
Storage Size300500 + 100

Additional advantages for VIP player.

VIP Mercenary

You can hire Free Mercenary with Clearchus in Eden Group HQ. Mercenary Grade depends on your level range with 3 hours cooldown.

Extra command for VIP

We have added a special command for VIP Player.
@whodrops – Shows which monster can drop an item
@whereis – Shows where you can find monster.
@mobinfo / @mi – Shows information about the monster.
@iteminfo / @ii – Shows information about the item.
@alootid – Add auto loot item for 1 id. Example : @alootid +4004 (For auto-loot specific to Drops Card) use -ve to remove the last item.

Updates patch
Please updates you patch to get the latest episode :

Updates for 01 August 2020

Eid-Adha Event 01~15 August 2020 have chance to get Capricorn Crown

Event end thank you for participating in this event

Extend 10th anniversary to 15 August 2020

  • We extend 10th-anniversary gift box to 15 August 2020.
  • Enabled the Attendance Check for month August.
    – Note: Please check your prize in RODEX Mail.
  • Add a new event for Eid Al-Adha: Capricorn Crown Hunt
    Kill goat and you have a small chance to get this special item.
    – Can use @mi 1372 in-game command.
    Goat   (GOAT)   Mob-ID#1372
    On MapsElements
    PropertyFire 3
    Flee(95%)325Base Experience1065
    Walk SpeedFastJob Experience1197
    Atk Delay1.38s

    Player Level: 

    Magic Atk162-198Base Exp Per HP0.268:1
    Def95Job Exp Per HP0.301:1
    Magic Def43Delay After HitShort
    Atk Range1 cellsStr61Int40
    Spell Range10 cellsAgi40Dex65
    Sight Range12 cellsVit48Luk31


    – El Mes Plateau
     + 35x / 5 sec


    – El Mes Plateau
     + 35x / 5 sec


    – El Mes Gorge (Valley of Abyss)
     + 90x / 5 sec


    – Kiel Khayr’s Academy
     + 30x / 5 sec


    – Yuno Field
     + 100x / 5 sec
    – Assist
    – Change Target (Attack)
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