Supreme-RO Opening

J O I N U S N O W | O P E N I N G

🔰Supreme RO : Reborn🔰
Lowrate Server: 25x/25x/15x
Fresh New Server and Balance Server.
Soft Opening (No Reset): June 21, 2020
Grand Opening: July 12, 2020

🔰Server Features:
📍 Active GM’s
📍 Freebie Pack for 1st time.
📍 Online Peak Rewards
📍 NO Custom Equipment
📍 Automated Events (Games)
📍 Private Branch Room**
📍 PvP Ladder**
📍 PvP Ranking System**
📍 MvP Ladder**
📍 World Boss / World Boss Ranking**
📍 VIP System
📍 Pet System
📍 New Refining System
📍 Streamer’s Program**
📍 Transfer Guild Program**
📍 and MORE!

🔰 Server Rates:
 25x Base Experience
 25x Job Experience
 Modified Drop Rates (Default is 15x)
for some items for balancing server economy.
 0.05% Normal Card
 0.02% MVP/Boss Card

🔰 Basic Information:
 Episode 8.3 : Payon Remodelling
 Pure 2-1 & 2-2 Job*
 Max Levels: 99 (Base) and 50 (Job)
 Max Stats: 99
 Max Aspd: 190
 Instant Cast: N/A
 Server timezone: GMT +8
 Main Language: English/ Malay/ Filipino
 Max party size: 10 members*
 Max guild size: 20 members*

🔰 NPC’s
 Warper (Normal/VIP)
 Job Changer (Novice to 1st job only 1-1 & 1-2)
 Platinum Skill (Automatic)
 Rental Universal NPC
 Skill/Stat Reset (1x per month)
 Card Remover
 Add Slotting
Rental Universal NPC
 Healer with VIP Status
 Bulk Identify Items
 Repair NPC
 Supreme Mall (Official RO)
 Supreme Stylist
 Eden Teleport Officer
 Master Refiner (+7 >)
 and MORE!

🔰 Game and Host:
 Multi-clients: Enabled
 Adelay system (Anti-speedhack/nodelay)
 Gepard Shield Protected
 DDoS Protection and Mitigation
 Server Location: Singapore
 Average Ping: 20-30 ms

🔰 Server Official Links
 Download :
 FB Pages:
 Discord :

** Updates by batch
*** Please check your verification email at your spam box.

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