Ragnarok Renewal Attack Speed

Disable in Supreme Ragnarok Reborn

Attack Speed Renewal

The maximum possible ASPD value is 193 for characters over level 100, and 190 for characters below level 100.

The amount of hits your character makes is calculated as such: 
50 / (200-FinalASPD) hits per second
Which means, a character with 193 ASPD will do 50/7 = 7.14 attacks per second.


ASPD formula is based on KRO, which is very different from iRO’s formula. You can expect to find it somewhat more difficult to attain higher ASPD here.A Character’s ASPD is calculated as follows:

Which takes these following parameters into account:

  • Base ASPD: A base number determined by the character’s class.
  • Weapon/Shield Penalty: A penalty based on the character’s class and the weapon/shield being equipped.
  • Stat Bonus: bonus based on a Character’s AGI and DEX.
  • Status Bonus: bonuses from status effects bestowed by ASPD potions and certain skills.
  • %ASPD: Percentage bonuses from certain skills, items and equipments such as 60.png Two-Hand Quicken, Enriched Celermine Juice and  Cenere Card.
  • Flat Bonus: bonuses in the form of flat additions gained from certain equipment.

The Stat ASPD bonus is calculated differently depending on weapon type:

List of Modifiers Weapon/Shield Penalty


Pticon 1swordman.png Swordman Branch
Pticon 1swordman.pngSwordmanPticon 2knight.pngKnightPticon 3runeknight.pngRune KnightPticon 2crusader.pngCrusaderPticon 3royalguard.pngRoyal Guard
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 Aspd
 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-5
 Dagger-7 Dagger-9 Dagger-10 Dagger-8 Dagger-7
 1h Sword-7 1h Sword-5 1h Sword-12 1h Sword-3 1h Sword-5
 2h Sword-14 2h Sword-12 2h Sword-15 2h Sword-15 2h Sword-13
 1h Axe-15 1h Axe-10 1h Axe-8 1h Axe-10 1h Axe-8
 2h Axe-20 2h Axe-15 2h Axe-12 2h Axe-15 2h Axe-12
 Mace-10 Mace-5 Mace-5 Mace-5 Mace-4
 1h Spear-17 1h Spear-15 1h Spear-20 1h Spear-13 1h Spear-10
 2h Spear-25 2h Spear-20 2h Spear-18 2h Spear-12 2h Spear-10
Pticon 1mage.png Mage Branch
Pticon 1mage.pngMagePticon 2wizard.pngWizardPticon 3warlock.pngWarlockPticon 2sage.pngSagePticon 3sorcerer.pngSorcerer
Base146 AspdBase146 AspdBase151 AspdBase151 AspdBase156 Aspd
 Shield-10 Shield-8 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-5
 Dagger-0 Dagger-4 Dagger-7 Dagger-8 Dagger-10
 1h Staff-5 1h Staff-3 1h Staff-5 1h Staff-10 1h Staff-5
 2h Staff-5 2h Staff-3 2h Staff-11 2h Staff-10 2h Staff-15
    Book+2 Book-5
Pticon 1archer.png Archer Branch
Pticon 1archer.pngArcherPticon 2hunter.pngHunterPticon 3ranger.pngRangerPticon 2bard.pngBard/Pticon 2dancer.pngDancerPticon 3minstrel.pngMinstrel/Pticon 3wanderer.pngWanderer
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 Aspd
 Shield-9 Shield-9 Shield-8 Shield-7 Shield-7
 Dagger-15 Dagger-13 Dagger-10 Dagger-13 Dagger-12
 Bow-10 Bow-8 Bow-9 Bow-8 Bow-9
    Instrument-5 Instrument-4
 Whip-5 Whip-4
Pticon 1acolyte.png Acolyte Branch
Pticon 1acolyte.pngAcolytePticon 2priest.pngPriestPticon 3archbishop.pngArch BishopPticon 2monk.pngMonkPticon 3sura.pngSura
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase151 AspdBase156 AspdBase158 Aspd
 Shield-7 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-5
 Mace-5 Mace-3 Mace0 Mace-3 Mace-5
 1h Staff-20 1h Staff-20 1h Staff-15 1h Staff-20 1h Staff-10
 2h Staff-20 2h Staff-20 2h Staff-10 2h Staff-18 2h Staff-12
  Knuckle-20 Knuckle-5 Knuckle-0 Knuckle-1
 Book-4 Book+1  
Pticon 1merchant.png Merchant Branch
Pticon 1merchant.pngMerchantPticon 2blacksmith.pngBlacksmithPticon 3mechanic.pngMechanicPticon 2alchemist.pngAlchemistPticon 3genetic.pngGeneticist
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 Aspd
 Shield-5 Shield-5 Shield-6 Shield-4 Shield-4
 Dagger-12 Dagger-10 Dagger-20 Dagger-10 Dagger-10
 1h Sword-12 1h Sword-10 1h Sword-25 1h Sword-5 1h Sword-4
 1h Axe-8 1h Axe-6 1h Axe-5 1h Axe-5 1h Axe-8
 2h Axe-15 2h Axe-13 2h Axe-8 2h Axe-12 2h Axe-11
 Mace-10 Mace-8 Mace-8 Mace-5 Mace-4
Pticon 1thief.png Thief Branch
Pticon 1thief.pngThiefPticon 2assassin.pngAssassinPticon 3gx.pngGuillotine CrossPticon 2rogue.pngRoguePticon 3shadowchaser.pngShadow Chaser
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 Aspd
 Shield-6 Shield-6 Shield-9 Shield-5 Shield-4
 Dagger-8 Dagger-2 Dagger-2 Dagger-5 Dagger-3
 1h Sword-10 1h Sword-10 1h Sword-25 1h Sword-10 1h Sword-7
 1h Axe-20 1h Axe-11 1h Axe-40 Bow-10 Bow-7
 Bow-13 Katar-2 Katar-2  
  Dagger (left)-10 Dagger (left)-10
 1h Sword (left)-12 1h Sword (left)-16
 1h Axe (left)-121h Axe (left)-20
Pticon 0novice.png Extended Branch
Pticon 1supernovice.pngNovice/Super NovicePticon 1ninja.pngNinjaPticon 2kagerou.pngKagerou/OboroPticon 1gunslinger.pngGunslingerPticon 2rebel.pngRebellion
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase146 AspdBase146 Aspd
 Shield-10 Shield-6 Shield-3 Shield-6 Shield-4
 Dagger-15 Dagger-3 Dagger-5 Revolver+5 Revolver+1
 1h Sword-17 Huuma-15 Huuma-10 Rifle-5 Rifle-4
 1h Axe-10 Dagger (left)-10 Dagger (left)-11 Gatling Gun0 Gatling Gun+3
 Mace-10   Shotgun-40 Shotgun-24
 1h Staff-25Grenade-50Grenade-29
Pticon 1taekwonkid.png Taekwon Branch
Pticon 1taekwonkid.pngTaekwon KidPticon 2taekwonmaster.pngStar GladiatorPt Star Emperor.pngStar EmperorPticon 2soullinker.pngSoul LinkerPt Soul Reaper.pngSoul Reaper
Base156 AspdBase156 AspdBase156 AspdBase146 AspdBase156 Aspd
 Shield-6 Shield-6 Shield-6 Shield-8 Shield-6
  Book-10 Book-5 Dagger0 Dagger-10
   1h Staff-3 1h Staff-10
 2h Staff-5 2h Staff-10
Pticon 0summoner.pngDoram
Pticon 0summoner.pngSummoner
Base156 Aspd
 1h Staff-20


Status Bonus

As stated in the formula, these bonuses are further modified by your character’s AGI. If your character has 0 AGI, these bonuses will not give any effect.

Skill Modifiers

  • 60.png Two-Hand Quicken = 7
  • 495.png One-Hand Quicken = 7
  • 258.png Spear Quicken = 7
  • 274.png Study = 2/level
  • 111.png Adrenaline Rush = 7
  • 509.png Single Action = 0.5/level
  • 359.png Berserk = 15
  • 320.png Assassin Cross of Sunset = Depends on caster’s stats
  •  Fighting Spirit = 0.4/level

ASPD Potion Modifiers

  • Concentration Potion = 4
  • Guarana Candy = 4
  • Awakening Potion = 6
  • Berserk Potion = 9
  • Enriched Celermine Juice* = 10%

*Counted as %ASPD instead of Status Bonus.


A Calculator is available at the link below, created by forum user Noireth


To use the calculator, you need to import/make a copy of the spreadsheet in your drive.
Source from Novaro

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