Ragnarok Online Game Commands and Trick

87 ESSENTIAL /accept /alchemist /aura /aura2 /bangbang /battlechat /battlemode /bm /bgm /bingbing /blacksmith /booking /breakguild [Guild Name] /buildinfo /bv [0-127] /call /camera /chat /check [some text] /cl or /clanchat /deal /effect /effect /em /emblem /emotion /eqopen /ex /ex [Character name] /exall /expel [Character name] /fog /font /gc or /guildchat [Message] /guild [Your name here] /h or /help /hi [message] /hoai /hunting /in [Character name] /inall /invite [Character name] /itemsnap /leave /lightmap /loginout or /li /memo /merai /mineffect or /minimize /miss /monsterhp /music /navigation or /navi /navigation2 or /navi2 /noctrl or /nc /noshift /notalkmsg /notalkmsg2 /notrade or /nt /organize [Your party name here] /pk /q /quake /quickspell1 or /q1 /quickspell2 or /q2 /quickspell3 or /q3 /recruit /refuse /savechat /set1 /shopping /showname /sit /skillfail /skillsnap /skip /snap /sound /stand /stateinfo /taekwon /tingonly /tip /traceai /v [0-127] /w or /who /where /window SLASH COMMANDS

Slash Commands in Ragnarok Online will help you navigate the GUI console much faster and easier and can sometimes save you several clicks or keypresses by combining commands into macros. These console commands cover must option within the game and when used with the macro option can create some powerful function to help with your gameplay.

The command console can be accessed via the Ragnarok short cut keys “Alt + Enter” or “Ctrl + Enter”   The default mode for this chat box is local chat but can be used for the commands as well. All command starts with a slash  \  to tell the interface the following text is a command and not chat. This is where you type your command.

I like to have one of my windows on the GUI as a “focus tab” and this is where I enter my commands but also use for general chat as well, this is why I call it “My focus Tab”.  You can click on/off the keyboard command window by clicking the very small icon that looks like a Keyboard. I always have this on.

Ragnarok Slash Commands Window

use the “arrow up” to cycle through all the commands you have typed in this session to save typing them again.

Tip 2: How to Whisper: Enter a Character’s Name on the left side of the chat window and type your message on the right side. The Tab key helps you move between these boxes.

Tip 3: You can use + to add a new chatbox and you also can separate Regular Chat with Guild Chat with this trick just OFF all log except  Guild Chat like the picture.

Tip 4: If your chat box missing from your monitor press F10 key in your keyboard.

On the main window focus window, it has some options. This will help create your own GUI style and you can move chat, guild, macros etc to the window of your choice.

  1. Keyboard   –
    Opens and Closes the Keybaord command console
  2. Target   
    Opens options for the style of chat you wish to be displayed here
  3. Arrow Right   –   Pops out the current tab to a new window
  4. Plus   –   Create a new tab
  5. Minus   –   Closes the current tab
  6. Padlock   –   Locks current tab so can’t be changed

Ragnarok slash commands combined with Ragnarok short cut keys can really enhance your gameplay and make it easier and more enjoyable to play. It is worth learning some of the ones you will need the most but has the following on hand while you play.

To speak to the party you are in Add % in front of every message. (Example: \%Hello)

To speak to the guild you are in Add $ in front of every message. (Example: \$Hello)

To speak to the clan you are in Add /cl in front of every message. (Example: /cl Hello)

87 entries

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52 ESSENTIAL Alt + ' Alt + = Alt + a, Ctrl + a Alt + b Alt + c Alt + d Alt + Double right click Alt + e, Ctrl + e Alt + End Alt + Enter Alt + F10 Alt + g Alt + h Alt + Home Alt + i Alt + j Alt + l Alt + m Alt + o, Ctrl + o Alt + p Alt + q, Ctrl + q Alt + r Alt + s Alt + Single right click Alt + t Alt + TAB Alt + u Alt + v Alt + w Alt + y Alt + z Ctrl + - Ctrl + \ Ctrl + ~ Ctrl + = Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + F11 Ctrl + r Ctrl + t Ctrl + tab Ctrl + v ESC F1~F9 F10 F11 F12 Insert Page Up/ Page Down shift + click direction Shift + F11 Shift + Right Click on player TAB SHORTCUT KEYS OR HOT

Within the Ragnorok Online interface, you can utilise shortcut keys (or Hot Keys) to help speed up gameplay and make simple tasks a little easier and faster to complete. Shortcut keys, just like in windows, are a combination keypress of 2 or 3 keys at the same time. They don’t necessarily need to be pressed AT the same moment, just held down at the same time.

Example.  Hold down “ALT” key and then press “a” will Open your status window. Repeated pressing of “a” will toggle the window On and Off

Opening and Assigning Shortcut keys Bar

Press F12 to Open the Key bar.  Reapeatedly pressing F12 will open upto 4 bars.  You will notice the top line has the F numbers next to them, this will be the F key you need to press for that button to activate.  You can then drag a skill like First aid into this box from the Skills window and you have assigned First aid to the F1 key, it should look like this:

Rows 2,3 and 4 can be used as just Hot Bars or assigned to a new Shortcut key (or Hot Keys) from the “Shortcut Settings” Window

Now click “Shortcut Configuration” and you will see this menu. Here you can Assign more Skills and Slash Commands to Hot Keys to further taylor your GUI. You will also find here the “Interface options” that further remind you about Ragnarok Slash Commands and Ragnarok Online Emotes.   These can then be atatched to shortcuts keys (or Hot Keys) and then dragged onto your Hot bar.

Not all Short cut keys (or Hot Keys) work on all versions of Ragnarok and some features requires a certain character level, feature or ability. Example, Alt + G will not work unless you are in a Guild.

Accessing the Shortcut Key Settings Window

To assign more short cuts to your Key Bar you will need to to press “Esc” to open the Game settings menu.

<< Ragnarok Game Settings


52 entries

Ragnarok Online has a great list of funny Emotes to express how your character is feeling. They appear in a small speach bubble above your characters head and can be anything from Anger ( /an ) all the way to laughter ( /heh ) and even to play “Rock Paper Sissors”

Press the Alt + L keys to open the Emotion List window. You will find 3 pages, about 70 Emotes here. These can also be used and pinned via the Key Bar for quick access as well as a Slash command.

Press Alt + M keys bring up the Shortcut List with all the ALT short cuts. Here you can select an “ALT” + Number combo for the default Emotes or change the selection for your favourite emotes for a more personal feel to your character. You do this by high lighting the ALT key by clicking on the line for the number key you wish to change then click the Emote you wish to bind to that key.

RAGNAROK ONLINE /! /$ /... /? /?? /abs /aha /an /anger /awsm /bawi /bo /bzz /com /crwd /dbc /desp /dice /doridori /dum /e20 /ene /fret /fsh /gawi /gg /go /grat /heh /hlp /hmm /ho /hp /hum /ic /kis /kis2 /lv /lv2 /meh /money /mp /no /no1 /oh /ok /omg /oops /panic /pat /pif /qh /rice /rkdnlor /gawi /shy /sigh /slur /sob /spin /spit /sry /swt /swt2 /thx /wah /whisp /wnajr /x /yawn ESSENTIAL EMOTES

Here is the default Emotes :

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