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Lighthalzen : The Corporate City

The city of Lighthalzen is nestled in between canyons and mountain ranges, and the terrain around it is rough and rocky. Despite of this, the Rekenber Corporation still invested large sums of money to build and establish the city. The investment paid off, since now Lighthalzen is regarded as the commercial center of the Schwartzwald Republic. 

Five hundred years ago, Zenit Zerter Lighthal, one of the leading scientists at the time, founded the Lighthal Laboratory. The research facility is set on a remote valley in the Schwartzwald Republic . Later on, when the Rekenber Corporation gained ownership of the facility, they bought all the nearby villages and began construction of the great city known today as Lighthalzen.

The city-state of Lighthalzen is divided into two districts, the residential district on the south side of the city and the commercial district on the north side. The residential district’s main attraction is the world-renowned Rekenber Hotel, located in the center of the district. The commercial district contains an airship landing strip, the Lighthalzen Bank, various trading posts, and the Alchemist Guild House. More importantly, it houses the Rekenber Corporation Headquarters.

The Rekenber Corporation is the biggest corporation in the Schwartzwald Republic . It is undeniably the driving force behind Lighthalzen, having great influence and responsibility over the city. The Corporation has spearheaded numerous researches and technological breakthroughs for years. These include the development of the Strahlenstein steam engine, which is being used for numerous tasks all throughout Schwartzwald, and the Airship, which has become a major form of interregional transportation in Midgard. But one of their most famous and controversial work is their research on the secrets of life, which resulted in the development of the Guardians – Midgard’s first artificial life forms – said to be much stronger than any human being.


City Travel Guide

Almost all of the inhabitants of Lighthalzen are employees of the Rekenber Corporation. Some work for the Alchemist Guild, while others are traders and businessmen hoping to seek fortune within the city. For security reasons, the company strictly regulates movement of people within the city. Visitors without sufficient identification will be denied access inside Lighthalzen. Despite this, the Rekenber Corporation still has a good reputation among the residents of Lighthalzen, for they have bought prosperity to their city.

Also on the outskirts of Lighthalzen is the slums area, where less fortunate citizens of Schwartzwald reside. The area started out as the remnants of the small villages bought out by the Rekenber Corp., but as more people poured in, the area gradually expanded. Although the Rekenber Corporation has an employment program for the residents of the slum area, and even donates 5% of its profits for social welfare programs, they prohibit the citizens of Lighthalzen from venturing into the slums.

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How to go Lighthalzen?

  1. From Izlude take International Airport to Juno.
  2.  At Juno airport take Domestic Boarding to Lighthalzen.

How about Lighthalzen Maps?

  • The city-state of Lighthalzen is divided into two districts, the residential district on the south side of the city and the commercial district on the north side. The residential district’s main attraction is the world-renowned Rekenber Hotel, located in the center of the district. The commercial district contains an airship landing strip, the Lighthalzen Bank, various trading posts, and the Alchemist Guild House. More importantly, it houses the Rekenber Corporation Headquarters.

    The eastern part of the location is known as Slums, the place for those who weren’t lucky or rich enough to live in the residential district or become a Rekenber employee. The Corporation has a social security and job opportunity program for Slums inhabitants, but some local citizens believe that the real reason of Rekenber agents presence is somehow connected with the several cases of people disappearing without a trace.

    The city is accessible via the airship on the domestic route  Juno ➔ Einbroch ➔ Lighthalzen.

  • NPC in Einbroch/ Einbech/ Yuno/ Lighthalzen, you can use Warper Schwartzvald to access all Schwartzvald Republic location include Towns, Fields and Dungeon.
    Note: We just support Einbroch, Einbech, Yuno and Lighthalzen.
  • The dungeon can access from warper is Biolab Dungeon. (Lab 1 & Lab 2 only)

Biolabs Entrance Quest

  1. Proceed to the 3 o’clock direction of Lighthalzen.
    • There, you’ll see a guard who stops you from moving into the slum area. Fear not, just talk to him continuously and you’ll eventually make it into the slums.
    • Note: To access the slum, either wait for any alert to cease (Mobsters in town are all killed (yellow text)), or do the Friendship Quest.
    Lighthalzen Guard.png
  2. Proceed on and meet Fishbone (lighthalzen 340, 224). Talk to him continuously to find out that he’s actually an ex-researcher
  3. Talk to him again and again, you’ll be pleading with him till he eventually asks for an offer of 20 Jellopy for an exchange of information.
  4. Once you’ve passed him the Jellopies, ask him to send you to the maze.
    Lhz cube.jpg
    • This is a map of the cuberoom maze (unless its changed). The portals marked R moves you to a random one of the three green marked rooms. You’ll actually start in one of those 3 rooms too. To make it slightly more random, the exit portal doesn’t always actually take you out of the maze, you may have to work your way back again.
  5. Type /where in there, until you get to a room with any of these coordinates:
    • [67,193] go to direction 12, 3, 9, 12, 9 (o’clock)
    • [66,136] go to direction 3, 12, 6, 6, 9 (o’clock)
    • [67,74] go to direction 6, 3, 9, 6, 9 (o’clock).
    • You’ll be sent to a room with documents all over.
    However, sometimes when it is bugged and you don’t get to the next room but just remain in maze, just repeat this step. Second time will be successful.
    • [123,18] is the last room where you go to 9 o’clock direction as shown on the picture. You’ll come out into lhz_cube 248, 184.
  6. Examine the Bed, select Under the bed and you’ll get a Short Stick.
  7. Examine the Desk (under the Desk), you’ll get another Short Stick.
    • The two rods will become a Long Stick automatically.
  8. Check under the Bed and type in Long Stick and you’ll obtain a Cube
  9. Examine the Goblet on the table beside the bookshelf. Check its contents, you’ll obtain a Rusty Key.
  10. Move towards the wall at the desk. You’ll see a cabinet of Chemicals. Examine it and type in Rusty Key and you’ll get a Green Key.
  11. Move to the Cabinet on the right of the room. Examine it and type in Green Key. You’ll obtain a Polygon.
  12. Next, examine the Bundles of Files on the ground. You’ll obtain a Red KeyBioLabEntrance-Bundle-of-Files.png
  13. Examine the Drawer next to the Bed and type in Red Key, you’ll obtain a Jackknife
  14. Examine the Picture above the Desk. You’ll select the option to move it. Type in Jackknife.
    • You’ll obtain a set of numbers. Write these down or take a screenshot.
  15. Now, move on the right-hand corner of the room to find a Chest. Take the Axe in it.
  16. Move to the Barrel and examine it. Type in Axe.
  17. Examine the Barrel again. It asks for 9 numbers.
    4 9 3 7 6 2 8 6 6   OR
    4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7   OR
    3 6 4 1 2 8 7 1 5
    • On iRO servers enter the 9 single digit numbers from step 13 one at a time, in the order they appeared on the wall.
    • You have to input the numbers, one by one! The guide did not mentioned that it has to be inputted one by one.
    • Note: On other servers this puzzle may be different. See Variations if the code obtained in step 13 consisted of 9 different 2 digit numbers.
    • Also, note that even if your server has the 9 single digit numbers version just like iRO, the numbers might not be the same as the numbers for iRO listed above.

  18. Now, examine the Power Generator. Type in Yellow Key.
  19. Then, move to the Status Light beside the Bed. Smash the light bulb and you’ll obtain a Black Key.
  20. Examine the huge Experiment Tube on the left hand side of the room and type in Black Key. you’ll get an Oval.
  21. Go to the Box beside the Cabinet. Examine it and you’ll have these 3 options:
    • Oval Shape, Cube Shape, and Polygon Shape
    • For each of the following shapes, type in: Oval, Cube, Polygon
  22. After typing those in, examine the Box again. You’ll eventually get a Laboratory Permit!
  23. Go back to the Experiment Tube, and examine it again. Type in Laboratory Permit.
    • You’ll get 2 options. Choose the Go down option.
  24. Walk up straight and go through the portal. After you’ve get out, you’ll find yourself back outside beside the Underwater Tunnel.
  25. After the completion of this quest, the player have 2 ways of entering Biolabs dungeon:

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Lighthalzen Monster & MVP



Monster mobs

Monster List

  • Rafflesia   (RAFFLESIA)   Mob-ID#1162
  • Stem Worm   (STEM_WORM)   Mob-ID#1215
  • Metaling   (METALING)   Mob-ID#1613
  • Demon Pungus   (DEMON_PUNGUS)   Mob-ID#1378
  • Breeze   (BREEZE)   Mob-ID#1692
  • Anopheles   (ANOPHELES)   Mob-ID#1627
  • Ygnizem / Egnigem Cenia   (YGNIZEM)   Mob-ID#1652
  • Whikebain / Wickebine Tres   (WHIKEBAIN)   Mob-ID#1653
  • Armaia / Armeyer Dinze   (ARMAIA)   Mob-ID#1654
  • Erend / Errende Ebecee   (EREND)   Mob-ID#1655
  • Kavac / Kavach Icarus   (KAVAC)   Mob-ID#1656
  • Rawrel / Laurell Weinder   (RAWREL)   Mob-ID#1657
  • Gemini-S58   (GEMINI)   Mob-ID#1681
  • Removal / Remover   (REMOVAL)   Mob-ID#1682
  • Seyren / Seyren Windsor   (SEYREN)   Mob-ID#1634
  • Eremes / Eremes Guile   (EREMES)   Mob-ID#1635
  • Harword / Howard Alt-Eisen   (HARWORD)   Mob-ID#1636
  • Magaleta / Margaretha Sorin   (MAGALETA)   Mob-ID#1637
  • Shecil / Cecil Damon   (SHECIL)   Mob-ID#1638
  • Katrinn / Kathryne Keyron   (KATRINN)   Mob-ID#1639
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