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Supreme Ragnarok Online

What is King of Emperium?

After 1000 years of cautious relations, the kingdom of Rune-Midgarts and the Schwarzwald Republic signed a mighty friendship treaty. Noticing the weakening of the castles, the monster armies marched and took control of the castles in all major towns, causing a real threat to the Kingdom.

“The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor.” – King Tristan Gaebolg III

We Change the Method War of Emperium to King of Emperium.
After 3 months the server survives, we still cannot get 60 active players to play this server, and we try to give experience playing at War of Emperium in this server with some limitation. We plan to do the same method as WOE in our server called KOE – King of Emperium (Mini WOE) because we don’t have enough player right now.

King of Emperium mechanics?
The player needs to have a guild for war in KOE  Arena. You need to attack the Emperium and defend it from another enemy guild at a certain time. The character to deal the last hit against the Emperium claims the castle. All characters with a different guild, allied or not, will be warped out at that point. Only normal attacks can damage the emperium, as all active skills miss. After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter and attempt to break the emperium. The last owner before the emperium disappears at the end of the KoE period holds it until the next period. Guild mates and Allied Guilds are considered allies in castles and can not attack each other. Members cannot be expelled, and alliances cannot be broken, by members inside a castle. If you succeed in defending the emperium, your guild will be crowned as the winner for that day and get the reward from system.

Note : For the Guild leader and guild winner please stay inside the arena map to receive the reward.

Check here the details about War of Emperium

Disabled Skills

The follow skills cannot be cast within castles:

Skills cast outside the castle will not disappear upon entering. Using items that activate the skill will also fail, but Autocast equipment can grant the skills in a castle.

Battle Mechanic Changes

  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • Long range normal attacks are reduced by 25%.
  • All skill-based damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knock back effects are disabled. Some skills like Cicada Skin ShedShadow Leap and Phantom Thrust may lose some functionality due to this.
  • Equipment that prevent skills to be canceled during casting (Phen card and similar items) do not function.

Other Gameplay Changes

  • /noctrl does not work; players must hold down the mouse button for normal attacks.
  • Damage numbers do not appear.
  • /mineffect is automatically activated.
  • A character’s guild emblem is shown above their head.
  • Death does not cause experience loss.

Sneak Peak King of Emperium Arena

Reward for the Winner King of Emperium

  • 12 Special Supreme Treasure Chest after you win this King of Emperium.
    – Gold ID :969 25%
    – Yggdrasil Berry – ID:607 100%
    – Close Mind Box ID:22534 25%
    – Supreme Gift Box ID:35341 50%
    – Supreme VIP Crystal 3 Days ID:35335 5%
    – Old Card Album ID:616 25%
    – Mystical Card Album ID:12246 2.5%
    – Emblem of the Sun God Rare 0.5% ID:7086
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