Attendance Check October

Add Attendance Check at Supreme RO start :From 05 October 2020 to 05 November 2020 (Don’t Miss It) To reduce the case of fraud or manipulation by attendance check reward, we have lock items for that account only cannot move to another account. https://youtu.be/_UU0K3swCH0 How to claim Attendance Check Hello Guy Don’t Forget to Claim …

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Episode Updates : Geffenia

SUPREME RAGNAROK REBORNNew Maps in Warper in 21 September 2020 Geffenia Dungeon Geffenia is a legendary kingdom of elves that was lost to time. It is protected by the Orb of Vanar. Its capital used to be Geffen. In ancient times, when Normankind was in its infancy, the immortal elven race taught Normans the basics of language and survival. The …

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Transcendent Rebirth Change Job and Quest Guide

Rebirth Step by Step Head to the Sage Castle in Northwest Juno entrance at  (yuno 87, 321) or paste this navigation to chat box  /navi yuno 87/321 Talk to Metheus Sylphe  (yuno_in02 88, 164) , and pay 1,285,000 Zeny (VIP players will not be charged this fee). To proceed in this quest, the character must not have a Pushcart, Falcon, Cute Pet, Peco Peco or Halter …

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Ragnarok Online Transcendent Rebirth Change Job and Quest Guide
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