Updates Patch

Updates 10 July 2020 Add Assumptio skill at healer NPC for VIP Only. Assumptio (Skill ID# 361) Effect : The blessing of Virgin Mary. The persons who receive this will benefit from damage reduction for a limited amount of time.The reduction is 1/2 on normal PvM maps and 1/3 on PvP maps.Note : This skill will …

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Streamer Program V1.0

STREAMER To All Streamers Out there who Love playing Ragnarok Online, we want to invite you to our Streamers Program. THE STREAMER •  To promote and advertise Supreme Ragnarok Online.•  To Encourage Existing Players in the Ragnarok World. RULES BECOME A Required 50+ followers for beginner to be able to join in Supreme streamers program …

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