Blacksmith Job Change Guide

1. Go to the Blacksmith Guild located in the Geffen at (geffen_in 110 170) Talking to Altiregen (the Guildsman behind the desk), the job change quest will begin here.

2. Altiregen will ask the player to find Geschupenschte (morocc_in 69, 67) in the tool shop in Morocc town  at 7 o’clock.

3. Geschupenschte’ will ask the player 10 questions. All 10 must be answered correctly.

4. He will then ask you to bring him items that he is in need of:

Note: Although he will always ask for a type of weapon, all can be purchased at NPC shops.
He does not accept the weapon if it has already been refined.

5. After bringing Geschupenschte the items he’s asking for, he’ll refine the weapon. He’ll want the result to be delivered.

1713.pngArbalest [1]: Go to Payon and talk to Talpiz (payon 214, 79)
1610.pngArc Wand [1]: Go to Geffen and talk to Baisulist (geffen 46, 164)
1219.pngGladius [2]: Go to Morocc and talk to Wickebine (morocc 27, 112)
1119.png Tsurugi [1]: Go to Lighthalzen and talk to Krongast  
(alberta 145, 85) (Relocation from official in Lighalzen)
1122.png Ring Pommel Saber [2]: Go to Hugel and talk to Bismarc (prontera 252, 352) (Relocation from official in Hugel)

He’ll give the player a voucher which Geschupenschte (morocc_in) is interested in.

6. After dropping off the weapon, return to Geschupenschte, and hand him the receipt, then head back to the Blacksmith Guild and talk to Altiregen again.

7. Altiregen wants the player to talk with Mitehmaeeuh, (geffen_in 134 173) a female blacksmith in the second floor at the same building with Altiregen. She’ll have you do a quiz, but this time it’s 5 questions (instead of 10 as in the quiz with Geschupenschte).

This is a quiz about how well you know metals and the blacksmith class. It consist of 5 questions, each question worth 20 points. You must get a score of 80 or more to pass. There are 3 possible sets of questions. Here are the questions and answers:

Q #QuestionAnswer
Quiz Question Set 1
01Which skill is needed for discount?Enlarge Weight Lv 3
02What effect does hammerfall have?Stun
03How much zeny is taken when Mammonite 10 is used?1,000z
04How much money is saved with max discount??24 %
05How much can you earn with max overcharge?24 %
Quiz Question Set 2
01Which monster drops steel?Skeleton Worker
02What can you make with Red Bloods?Flame Heart
03Which ore do you have the most of in storage?Red Blood or Green Live or Crystal Blue
04What kind of monsters are weak against wind weapons?Water
05How many irons are needed to make steel?5
Quiz Question Set 3
01What do you do when you find a person in distress?Ask what they need or Talk for a bit
02Where do you learn change cart?Alberta
03Geffen tower is the center, where is the [old] Blacksmith guild?5oclock
04Which town has the most smiths?Eibroch
05Which stat affect forge?DEX

7. After the questions has been answered to her satisfaction, she will hand the player a Hammer of Blacksmith to give to Altiregen. After giving the hammer to Altiregen, he will change your job to Blacksmith. If you were Job Level 50 as a Merchant, you receive 30 Steel.

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