• Add Attendance Check at Supreme RO start :
    From 03 September 2020 to 03 October 2020 (Don’t Miss It)
  • To reduce the case of fraud or manipulation by attendance check reward, we have lock items for that account only cannot move to another account.
  • New Attendance Check renew every 1st week every month 1~7 (not specific in the first day every month)
How to claim Attendance Check

NOTE: Please UPDATE Your PATCH before Claim Attendance! TQVM

30 Pcs Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation Item ID# 7060 (Warp_Free_Ticket) 

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Token of Siegfried Item ID# 6316 (E_Token_Of_Siegfried)

1 Box Greed Scroll 50 Pcs Item ID# 13622 (Greed_Box50)

5 Pcs Kafra Card Item ID# 12211 (Kafra_Card)

2 Pcs [NotForSale] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum Item ID# 22979 (C_Battle_Gum_2)

1 Box [NotForSale] Slim White Potion Box Item ID# 23038 (S_Slim_White_Box) Note:  200 Pcs Slim White Potion in 1 box.

2 Pcs Gym Pass Item ID# 7776 (Max_Weight_Up_Scroll)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Med Life Potion Item ID# 12515 (E_Med_Life_Potion)

5 Pcs Candy 5 Box Item ID# 13857 (Spark_Candy_Box5)

VIP 3 Days Badge for 3 Days by Supreme RO ID 35335

25 Pcs Seed Yggdrasil Seed Item ID# 608 (Seed_Of_Yggdrasil)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Blessing of Tyr Item ID# 23047 (S_Blessing_Tyr)

1 Pcs Miracle Tonic Item ID# 12259 (Miracle_Medicine) Give 3,000,000 base exp 1,500,000 job exp in single click.

1 Pcs Accessory Card Album Item ID# 12695 (Old_C_Album_Acc)

1Pcs +8 Armor Refine Ticket    Item ID# 6233 (Guarantee_Armor_8Up)

1 Pcs Amethyst Crystal Stone 800 Cash Point by Supreme RO. ID: 35401

1 Pcs Neuralizer Upgraded Item ID# 12213 (Neuralizer Upgraded) (Reset Stat & job skills in one click)

1 Pcs Costume Gryphon Wing Ears [0] [Costume Middle Head] Item ID# 20270

1 Unit Bijofnil Wings [0] [Upper Head] Item ID# 5480 (Bizofnil_Wing_Deco)

Time before Event End:


Rare items Attendance for September 2020

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