• Add Attendance Check at Supreme RO start :
    From 05 October 2020 to 05 November 2020 (Don’t Miss It)
  • To reduce the case of fraud or manipulation by attendance check reward, we have lock items for that account only cannot move to another account.
How to claim Attendance Check

Hello Guy Don't Forget to Claim your Reward

NOTE: Please UPDATE Your PATCH before Play! TQVM

35 Pcs Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation Item ID# 7060 (Warp_Free_Ticket) 

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Token of Siegfried Item ID# 6316 (E_Token_Of_Siegfried)

1 Box Greed Scroll 50 Pcs Item ID# 13622 (Greed_Box50)

5 Pcs Kafra Card Item ID# 12211 (Kafra_Card)

2 Pcs [NotForSale] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum Item ID# 22979 (C_Battle_Gum_2)

1 Box [NotForSale] Slim White Potion Box Item ID# 23038 (S_Slim_White_Box) Note:  200 Pcs Slim White Potion in 1 box.

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Little Mana Item ID# 23012

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Med Life Potion Item ID# 12515 (E_Med_Life_Potion)

5 Pcs Toktok Candy ID# 13857 (Spark_Candy_Box5)

VIP 3 Days Badge for 3 Days by Supreme RO ID 35335

5 Pcs Gym Pass Item ID# 7776 (Max_Weight_Up_Scroll)

5 Pcs [NotForSale] Blessing of Tyr Item ID# 23047 (S_Blessing_Tyr)

1 Pcs Boarding Halter Box for 7 Days. Item ID#16682

1Pcs +8 Armor Refine Ticket    Item ID# 6233 (Guarantee_Armor_8Up)

1 Pcs Old Card Album Item ID# 616 (Old_Card_Album)
An antique album in which the power of a mysterious Card item is contained.

1 Pcs Amethyst Crystal Stone 800 Cash Point by Supreme RO. ID: 35401

1 Pcs Costume Blue Mouton Life [0]   [Costume Middle Head]   Item ID# 31168 (C_Mouton_Life_B)

1 Pcs Blue Arara Hat [0]   [Upper Head]   Item ID# 5778 (Blue_Arara_Hat)

1 Pcs Castle Treasure Chest  Item ID# 12399 (Castle_Treasure_Box)
A chest with colorful decoration. Its very heavy, it seems contain many coins.


Rare items Attendance for October 2020

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